Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2006 - 3 Stars - Good Job

For the 2006 Minnesota Fringe Festival, shows I rated...

3 Stars - Good Job


Alex The Boy Scout (and other stories) - Topsy Turvy Theater

Burning Bridges - Timothy Meyer (scroll down for the mini-review)

Firsts - Happenstance Theater

Higher Power - Little Red Square Theater

I Want To Be Musashi - A Clown Samurai Fantasy - Christopher Lueck, Noontime Theatre and Otsie Kerplotsie

One An(d) Other - Jenny Pennaz Dance Works

Past the Size of Dreaming - Starting Gate Productions (scroll down for the mini-review, and a chatty and informative response from the playwright)

Sh*t Up Louder - Tom Cassidy & Co.

Sin Cities 7 - Suspiro/Inept Productions

Tall Tale of a Broke Heart - M & M Productions (scroll down for the mini-review)

The Day the Universe Came Closer - Hiram Pines (scroll down for the mini-review)

The Longest Road - Bruce Ario

Welcome To Dystopia - Typewriter Bear Suit Skateboard Productions

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