Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2006 - Life of a Blogger (and Mom)

A bunch of random entries scattered around the other coverage of the 2006 Minnesota Fringe Festival...

Happy Birthday, Mom! - Yes, today is one of the many days to celebrate the woman without whom both I, and this blog, would not be possible.

Four Fringe Venues In One Place

F*** off and get back to the Fringe, amateur - I think I have a new title for my blog...

On the blogging sidelines...

The emailing barrage begins

First Blush...

First Pass...


Blog Withdrawal

If You're Going To Be Part Of The Fringe...

Just How Many Shows Can One Person See in 11 Days

So, Tell Us About Yourself

My Two Fringes

First Show of the Fringe

Crunch Time

Star Charts

Mom's Thursday Short List, part 1

Mom's Thursday Short List, part 2

Thursday Night Posse Proposal

Invisible Ink


The Red Nose Is The Smallest Mask

Don't Be Shy

Stalked By A Fringe Show

Fringe Volunteers Are The Best - But You Knew That

When Audience Members Attack!

Subject to Change


The Use of the Word Idiot

Farewell, Mom

What I'm Seeing - Monday Edition

What I'm Seeing - Tuesday Edition

What I'm Seeing - Wednesday Edition

What I'm Seeing - Thursday Edition

Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

What I'm Seeing - Friday Edition

What I'm Seeing - Saturday Edition

What I'm Seeing - Sunday Edition

Caffeine, My New Best Friend

Fringe Etiquette for the Holocaust

One Last Time...

Up For Air

Full Immersion

The Revenge of Inanimate Objects

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