Monday, May 26, 2008

Needed - 3 Male Actors for Fringe double bill

So, I just recently put on my Fringe producer hat, taking on the heavy lifting for the Fringe slot for my friend Marc Halsey's Magicword Theater for this year's Minnesota Fringe Festival, as of Friday a week ago.

We'll be doing a double bill of short plays

The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon, written by me


Dog Tag, written by me with my friend Anne Bertram (Theatre Unbound's Managing Director)

William Leaf, who's collaborated with me on a number of projects before as actor or director, is going to be director on the project.

We're looking for 3 male actors to play all the roles in both plays.

In Bronze Bitch, two of the actors need to be college age, or be able to reasonably pass for guys on the eve of their college graduation. Other than that, age doesn't matter much, but that part's key.

Both plays have GLBT content, if that's an issue for anyone.

Also, in Bronze Bitch, the two college guys have to take off their shirts and there's some touching and kissing involved so... you know, be forewarned. It's a romantic comedy, they get romantic as well as funny.

The third character in Bronze Bitch is a security guard passing through at inopportune times.

In the second piece, two of the actors will play estranged lovers, the third will play their dog (the dog speaks English, but only the audience can understand what he's saying)

The two lovers in the first piece may not necessarily also be the lovers in the second. We're looking to get a trio of actors we can mix and match between the two plays.

Jonathan's parents gave him a hundred dollar bill to go get something he wants as a graduation present. What he wants is to lose his virginity before he graduates. And he wants to lose it with David, the frat boy he shares a lab station with in chemistry class. On the night before graduation, alone in the chemistry lab, the young men strike a bargain. Following through may be more complicated than either of them imagined.

Ed is out walking his dog Percy, when he runs into ex-lover Paul. Percy may prove an effective go-between for a reconciliation, or the two men may still end up going home alone. A play of second chances, some taken, some not.

"Six condoms. You're an optimist." If a $100 bill can bring a nerd and a frat boy together, can it last longer than the sex? If a dog can talk, can he reunite two estranged lovers?

The first two parts of Bronze Bitch can be viewed on line here...

and here

The first part of Dog Tag is here...

If you want to read the whole script, I can make that happen, just drop me a note. Since my spam filter is selectively wonky, you might want to send a message to both

and copy to

Since we're getting started later than most shows, we wanted to just beat the bushes and see if we could find people who aren't already otherwise engaged and interested in doing Fringe, and these scripts. The director will have the final say, I'm just on a scouting mission. We will likely arrange some kind of audition situation where he can meet with and read people if need be, but we're still conferring on that. If we find people whose work we know and like, that may not be necessary. In any case, we'll be fair to all involved. We want to have as pleasant a process as possible - drama onstage only, not off.

If you want to send resume and headshot and the like electronically, feel free, the emails are there.

Our Fringe slot performs in the Arena space at the Rarig Center

Friday 8/1 at 7pm, Saturday 8/2 at 10pm, Wednesday 8/6 at 10pm, Thursday 8/7 at 5:30pm, Saturday 8/9 at 8:30pm

Thanks to George Bush (I know, I know, weird, huh?) my economic stimulation will be used as a stipend to make sure everyone gets paid, whether the production makes a cent or not. Obviously, we'd like profits to share among the group as well, so we'll work on marketing the heck out of the thing.

But first, we need something to market. Hence the call for actors.

Drop me an email and we'll take it from there.


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Allegra said...

Woo hoo! We're sharing a stage this year! The Arena's gonna be hopping.