Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Chance to Vote for Secret Ingredients in the 24 Hour Plays

Yes, voting closes this Monday, so you've got the weekend to get your family and friends to help you stuff the online ballot box for your favorite secret ingredients for the 24 Hour Play Project.

Time's ticking by.

What'll it be?

The playwrights will be handed an object, an emotion, a quote or line of dialogue, and something random.

What those things are is up to you.

Ever want to see a play with...
the touch of death?
"It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls?
someone walking backwards?

Wonder how characters would deal with...
blind panic?
savage joy?

Maybe you've always wanted to hear someone say...
"Huh. Maybe it'll take two shots of penicillin."
"Not as an adult."
"Dang it, I just killed a talking moose who claimed he was the next

Perhaps you feel that every good play needs...
a woodpecker
a cactus
a toilet plunger

All these and more are waiting for your blessing.

Would you like to make the writers' lives hard, or easy, or something in between? Totally up to you.

Follow the link to the online ballot

Make your preferences known

Then mark your calendar for the big event.

The writers will meet and write the night of February 6th, then the directors and actors have a whirlwind day of rehearsals, and the finished products are unveiled at Theatre Unbound's annual gala on Saturday, February 7th (doors at 7, performances at 8) (details and tickets here)

Have fun.

I'll be interested to see how the whole thing shakes out once the votes are counted.

Thanks for helping out with the creative process. Just a couple of clicks and you help write a play. Easy, huh?

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