Monday, January 05, 2009

Vote now for the secret ingredients in the 24 Hour Play Project

Did you ever want to see a play with a giant talking statue in it?

Ever want to ask a playwright to include "Exit, pursued by a bear" as either a stage direction, or even dialogue in their script?

Do you bemoan the lack of plays featuring a kazoo playing?

Can't get enough of characters struggling with nostalgic lust?

Have I got an online ballot for you, my internet friends...

Theatre Unbound is gathering the elements for its annual gala/benefit, with the latest 24 Hour Play Project as its centerpiece.

Six teams of two writers each on the night of Friday, February 6th at 9pm will be given four items they must include in their script - an object, an emotion, a quote or line of dialogue, and something else random.

Apart from including those items, the shape of the play is up to them.

Before 5am on Saturday morning, they must compose and turn in a 10 minute play.

That evening of Saturday, February 7th, after a day of directors and actors working their magic in limited rehearsals, the plays will be performed at the gala.

Snacks and caffeine will be on hand to aid the writers' creativity throughout the night.

But right now, you can tell them what you want in those plays.

For what exactly the object, emotion, line of dialogue, and random thing will be is up to you, the voting public.

Each of the four categories has 12 items in it. 48 potential winners. Only 4 will emerge victorious.

It's your call.

Click on the link here - - to cast your vote for the four ingredients to be included in all of this year's 24 Hour Plays.

You only get one chance to vote, so choose wisely.

(But, feel free to encourage your family, friends and co-workers to get in on the fun and sway the voting your way, of course. That's democracy in action.)

Voting is open for three weeks - now through Monday, January 26, 2009


And if you want to book your tickets to the event now, to see how it all turns out, visit Theatre Unbound's website at

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