Friday, February 20, 2009

Fringe 2009 - First Out of the Cage, Last Out of the Cage

Another bit of randomness from the Fringe lottery...

The first ping pong ball drawn in the general lottery, after the sublotteries were dealt with (more on them in a bit), was...


Empty S Productions

Local entry

“Reservoir Dougs” - A musical spoof of Reservoir Dogs

If I didn’t know Michael Shaeffer (Roofies in the Mochaccino; Tantrums, Testicles, and Trojans), I’d be torn between thinking this was was a fantastic idea and a horrible idea. Since I do know Michael, I’m inclined to think we’re looking at fantastic. Gunplay, severed ears, buckets of blood, intense homoerotic male bonding, plus song and dance are possibly in the mix - given the description. Sounds like a Fringe show to me.

The last ping pong ball drawn in the general lottery, before the wait list began was...


Traudtrikt Productions (do not ask me to pronounce that)

Local entry

“Murder on the Mighty Mississippi” - A murder mystery play with a cast of 8 people, takes place on a boat in September.

Why in September, exactly? Guess we’ll have to see the show to unravel that mystery as well.

The first ping pong ball drawn for the wait list (and thus, something you’re very likely to be seeing in August) was...


Savage Umbrella (not to be confused with Blue Umbrella, which I already did - confuse the two, that is)

Local entry

“Pagliacci” - Gender-reversed reinvisioning of a classic tale of deception and the theater. Part homage, part parody, totally rock & roll.

It’s Fringe, so gender-reversed is a required, of course. As would be the theater, parody, and rock & roll elements.

The very last ping pong ball of the night, the very last spot on the wait list (and thus, something you will very likely *not* be seeing in August), was...


Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre

National entry from Illinois

“Dancing Nude” - Our hero examines the sexual crisis points from age 6 to the present through story, comic verse, and dance.

Timothy Mooney (of sci-fi, Moliere, and karaoke one-man show fame - that's three different shows of course, though combining them would certainly be Fringey and interesting as well). Dancing Nude. Hmmm...

Give me Tom Reed (Rampleseed) or Noah Bremer (Live Action Set) dancing nude, then we can talk.

(No offense meant, Timothy. I'm sure you're lovely as well.)

And thus my ongoing objectification of Fringe artists continues into 2009...

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