Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catching Up - A Handy Reference Tool

Last year, the Fringe blog archiving process got away from me a little bit - mostly because I was producing a show in the Fringe last year (The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon, and Dog Tag), and furiously rewriting a script which went into rehearsal the day after the Fringe closed (Leave). Having a set of quick links to refer to last year would have been mighty handy, but there just wasn't the time to construct it. Now, finally, as Fringe 2009 bears down on us, I've got the 2008 entries archived on my site. My site still being under construction, the possibility for live links in the entries still isn't there. So I'm also keeping track of the Twin Cities Daily Planet entries as well, since the links are actually active there, rather than just being listed out. Hopefully this time next year, the redesign on my site will be done and linking will be available on all platforms. Also, since the most public of the platforms is Twin Cities Daily Planet, I want to cross-reference as much as possible on their site when posting for them. But paging slowly through four entries at a time added way too much time to the blogging work last year. This will hopefully streamline it all. That, and not having production deadlines and duties bearing down on me this summer (yet, anyway), will allow the coverage to be more encompassing than last year. (We live and hope). So...

First, the last few pre-Daily Planet entries, about the Minnesota Fringe Festival Lottery for 2008...

2/6/2008 - Ping Pong Ball Party Time

3/4/2008 - The 4th Annual Ping Pong Ball Awards

3/4/2008 - The 4th Annual Ping Pong Ball Awards - series 2

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