Monday, June 29, 2009

Shameless Plug of the Day - Crescendo preview (Thursday night only)

Ever want to tinker with a Fringe show while it was still in progress? Well, now's your chance.

Thursday night only at the Bryant Lake Bowl (810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis), Allegra Lingo will be previewing her new solo show, "Crescendo" - to hear how it works for audiences before she throws it into the maelstrom which is the Fringe in August.

But for that, of course, one needs an audience. Join us, won't you?

Thursday, 7/2/2009 at 7pm, doors at 6pm

Tickets are $6 to $12, pay what you can

The blurb...

Presented by Allegra Lingo

"Through the eyes of a misfit joker, Allegra Lingo discovers small beginnings can lead to a powerful end. Inspired by the music of Aaron Copland, it's like the movie Fantasia, except with words instead of dancing brooms and scary demons.

For one night only, Allegra Lingo premieres her newest full-length solo show, and she is looking for your feedback to help make final edits before opening the show July 31 at the Minnesota Fringe!

After the show there will be a question and answer session about the show and her work in general, moderated by a member of the local press."

(Hey, that's me!)
(No, seriously, I'm the member of the local press who will be moderating, so when I said "join us" above, I wasn't kidding)
(Oh, and Allegra, in case I forget, Mom says hi)

Returning to the blurb, for sample questions...

"Where does she get her ideas? What's coming up next? And good God WHY is that music stand still on stage?!?"

Buy tickets ahead of time on line if you like at

Start your holiday weekend entertainment a little early.

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