Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Interregnum 2011-1012 - Blog of the Time Between - But Not for Love

Since the November 2012 election has a proposed amendment on the ballot for the Minnesota state constitution to define marriage as being only between one man and one woman, local theater companies The Flower Shop Project and Workhouse Theatre are co-producing my play about gay marriage, "But Not For Love," this October.  Hopefully it'll help rally the troops and get them out to vote, and give them a few laughs and a much needed happy ending in the home stretch.  With luck, maybe same-sex marriage will only be illegal once, rather than twice over.  Every little victory helps...

5/1/12 - Gay Marriage Play Update - Sides for Next Week's Auditions
Twin Cities Daily Planet version

4/19/12 - Gay Marriage Play Update - Auditions on May 7th and 8th
Twin Cities Daily Planet version

3/3/12 - Anybody Want To Help Put On A Play?
Twin Cities Daily Planet version

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