Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Minnesota Fringe Festival - The Concept of Anxiety - Maximum Verbosity - 1 of 4 options for your phillip andrew bennett low fix this year

One of mom's Fringe buddies we always have to see in action each year is phillip low, and this year it's super easy: he's acting in two shows and he wrote three.  There's a little overlap, so he only has a total of four with his stamp on them, but that seems like plenty. 

The Concept of Anxiety at HUGE is the Maximum Verbosity offering for the year - which means it's phillip performing his own material, which seems like the full "low combo pack," so we opted for seeing that first, since it was happening opening night and we're at HUGE for the first part of the night anyway.  The stars aligned.  Here's their video trailer...

phillip's not going solo this time.  He has his partner in crime Elizabeth Byrd performing with him this year.  I saw them do a preview bit at Tim Uren's Ghoulish Delights Fringe preview evening and it was just the kind of word-playing neurotic fun I anticipated.  phillip's mind is always running a mile or so ahead of mine, but it keeps my brain limber to have a show I need to work a little to keep up with, even while I'm giggling at the jokes.  Macabre jokes, but jokes all the same.  And anyone that can somehow meld together the Da Da art movement with the shark theme from the movie Jaws is always OK in my book. 

His other shows are as follows - he wrote and directed a scene for Fringe Orphans 2: Electric Boogaloo, he's acting in The Diamond Lens for Hardcover Theater, and he wrote Launcelot and Guenever for Six Elements Theater.  Phew.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, your math off a tiny bit. He's acting in the Fringe Orphans scene as well. You can't escape the phillip low! --BWJ