Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Minnesota Fringe Festival - The Unknown Matters - Broken Boot Theater - Who doesn't like a good sci-fi musical?

What's not to like about "Two physicists race to solve the mysteries of our time, but end up waiting around and eating snacks. A musical about dark matter, exoplanets and a grapefruit."

The Unknown Matters is labeled as Musical Theater with tags for physical theater/clowning, sci-fi/mystery/horror, and (speaking of horror) audience participation (just kidding, screw the fourth wall, bring it on).

Honestly, my pal Mark Sweeney is the brains behind this one, so I was sold on that alone.  He's got Katie Bradley and Izzy Waid involved as well, and I've liked a lot of things I've seen them in as well over the years, in and out of the Fringe.

Plus, their preview at the second Fringe For All this year was utterly charming (and ballsy).  Seriously, to walk out on stage with a ukelele and just stand there and sing a quirky little ballad for three minutes, completely out of context, and trust that it's gonna sell people, that takes guts.  And the lyrics intrigued me -
"We are not lost, we are not found" 
"Write this all down and hope that it stays/Someone's going to read this one of these days" 
"Time isn't after us, time isn't over us"  

Check out the video for yourself.

Mom and I saw Mark's Robo-Homa! in the Fringe a  couple of years back, and even though this musical doesn't promise robots singing show tunes, I'm still sure we'll have a good time. 7pm, HUGE Theater, Thursday, August 1

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