Friday, October 17, 2008

Call for Suggestions for 24 Hour Play Ballot

Put on your thinking caps and send me your suggestions.

Theatre Unbound’s 24 Hour Play Project is February 7, 2009

But before the plays can be written, rehearsed and performed all within 24 Hours, we need to know what the plays will be about.

So we solicit theater folk for ideas for the “ingredients” for the six ten minute plays which will result.

The categories are, as always…

- an object

- an emotion

- a quote or line of dialogue

- another random element – such as a stage direction, a color, an animal, a particular word, a song, etc.

Suggest something for any or all categories, and just post a reply here on Callboard.

I’ll collect the results and pass them on to the powers that be at Unbound. Last year, we ended up with so many suggestions, they had to whittle them down quite a bit just to make the online ballot manageable.

Ah, the online ballot. Once the suggestions are compiled, the final ballot of choices will be posted online so that the general public, all of us included of course, can vote for their favorites.

The winning ingredients will be revealed to the writers on the night of the writing, February 6, 2009. And off they go…

Obviously, the sooner you get your suggestions in, the better. I still have to discover the cutoff date for this part of the process from the Unbounders. But I figured I’d get the ball rolling, since it’s election time. That’s our trigger to get started every year.

Oh, and don’t forget the vote, people. Not for this, although, yes, vote for this, too. But polls don’t vote, people do. We can only hope to get the result we want if we all actually get our butts to the polls. So vote November 4th, then say a prayer, cross your fingers, light a candle, whatever things you do after actually voting to try and sway the national will your way.

End of PSA.

Type up those ingredients and email them my way.

My primary email is mail AT matthewaeverett DOT com

Since my spam filter is selectively mischievous, it’s also a good idea just to copy the message to browder268 AT yahoo DOT com as well, just to be on the safe side.


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