Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shameless Plug of the Day - The Chairs - Pangea World Theater

Another plea from another of the many great smaller theater companies around town, another production among the many that is heading into its final weekend of performances starting tonight that I thought deserved a special nod, given the caliber of the people involved. A very easy one to recommend. In my email box was the following...

"The Chairs" is a wonderful Pangea production! Richard and Claudia are extraordinary. It's a great treat to watch them at work in the intimacy of the Pangea studio. Please forward this information about "The Chairs" far and wide...

(But you don't have to just take their word - or mine - for it. There's a couple of reviews posted online that have already weighed in - here and here, if you need more input for your decision. Meanwhile, here are the basics...)

Pangea World Theater presents

"The Chairs" by Eugene Ionesco

In a lighthouse on the edge of civilization an old man and an old woman are waiting.

The old man is waiting to deliver a message to his audience.

The old man is ready to reveal all. Who he really is . . .what life really means . .
.what he should really have become.

What will his message be?

In this great absurdist masterpiece by Eugene Ionesco, "The Chairs" features Twin Cities favorites, Richard Ooms and Claudia Wilkens. It is a must see show for anyone who enjoys high quality theater with an absurd comic flavor.

Directed by Dipankar Mukherjee

Featuring Richard Ooms, Claudia Wilkens and Alberto Panelli

Dates: October 2 - 19, Thursdays through Sundays

Time: 7: 30 p.m.

Venue: Pangea World Theater Studio
711 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, 55408

Tickets: $15, $10 students/seniors

Box Office Number: 612-203-1088


Pangea's been a little hard for me to pin down recently - at least online (I always seemed to run across information on a show too late to catch it) - but it looks like they've rebooted their website - - with a new, cleaner look, and a good store of information on upcoming productions from now through February, including a couple of visiting productions and a revisiting of a classic of their own...

I-Land - taking place over at Intermedia Arts, November 20-22, 2008

Wong Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - February 26 - 28, 2009

Conference of the Birds - March 12 - April 5, 2009

So if you can't catch them this time around, there are several other chances coming up as well. Look them over, find one you like, and mark your calendar.

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