Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fringe 2010 - Fringe-For-All #2 - I Was Dreaming When I Wrote This, So Sue Me If It Goes Too Fast...

Another familiar face who's back to visit, along with another very familiar face outside Fringe circles, would be...

Prince & A Pauper

Andrew Fafoutakis

"Know what it sounds like when doves cry? Andrew Fafoutakis does. Here he chronicles his journey of growing up gay, bi-racial, and stuck with a big imagination in a world-premiere solo production. As half-Mexican and half-Greek, Andrew certainly has a different outlook on life, and he is ready to share everything along with his love for music, theatre, and all things purple. His tale is told through the music of one of Minnesota's very own along with personal stories, historical facts, songs, and comedic anecdotes. Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, and join Andrew in a crash-course on his life, the music of Prince, and a dash of local Minnesota flavor. He will make you cheer, cry, and you might even get caught laughing in the purple rain! It’s part solo-comedy show, part rock concert, and all fun. Sing out as loud as you can, for it's a memoir of men, music, and Minneapolis from one lowly pauper..."

Andrew's video preview and his Prince imitation up on the big screen kept the Fringe-For-All crowd well entertained. It's a longer version of what's below...

In the longer version, "Prince" flirts a bit with the audience, which was a hoot.

Andrew was in an unusual (but quite good) 2005 Fringe production of the classic text Everyman before heading off to grad school down south at LSU. Anne Bertram and I crossed his path on our road trip down to Baton Rouge in January 2008 to see the Outworks Festival production of our short "Dog Tag" (the same year it was produced in the Fringe here and later Chicago).

Fellow blogger Rachel Reiva just did a great profile of Andrew and his show on her blog, so I'll refer you to that for still more info.

Prince, strangely, also feels like an old friend, mostly because when I was in college, the $1 second-run movie theater played the movie "Purple Rain" for several months straight. You couldn't get away from it. It was insanely popular. And this was in Terre Haute, Indiana. The world is a odd place.

His facebook page

His Fringe page

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