Friday, July 23, 2004

A Face Made For Radio, Part Deux

Last night's radio guest spot went well, and if you missed it, you can still download it and hear it on your computer (for the next two weeks anyway).

Go to the KFAI website

On the main menu on the left hand side, click on

Program Archives

Scroll down the listing at the bottom of the page to Fresh Fruit (the program titles are in alphabetical order)

If you click on "Most Recent Show," you'll download last night's Fresh Fruit, which, among other things, included me.

If you click on "Previous Show," you'll get still more Fringe because last week Fresh Fruit spotlighted some of the queer content in the Fringe - including Karyn and Sharyn, Tequila, and Dandelion Snow.

(Search warning - if you go looking on the Fringe site, though Tequila has the character of a gay bartender in it, it isn't currently tagged in the GLBT content category. It is, however, in the Musical Theater category which, as we all know, can also be code of GLBT Content :)

They only keep the last two weeks of programming on the site at any given time, so you've got til next Thursday to download the queer Fringe show and yet another week beyond that (in the "previous show" category) to still download lil' old me.

So fire up your Real Players and enjoy.

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