Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 2017 Writing Challenge - #14 - Female Playwrights

Write what a female playwright writes like. If you’re a female playwright ALSO DO THIS. I’m not saying to write with the authority of an authentic female who is therefore an example of what a female writes like. I’m saying write by participating in the larger thing called female FIRST and channeling that and letting that be the filter or prism or echo chamber or amplifier or… whatever that colors everything else. Place womanhood FIRST.

Change to posting with an alias if you’d like. Protect yourself. I get it.

Does this make you get writers block? It’s because you’re trying to be “good” or “correct” and haven’t given yourself any possibility for an decent inciting incident. Create an imbalance!  Or better yet acknowledge that inside of the idea of female there are things that are out of balance. 

Spoiler. We’ll do males next. You can start in on them now if you like.

Don’t like this challenge? Write what someone on the gender fluid or genderless spectrum would write like.

Don’t like THAT challenge?

I hear you.  Then write THAT.

Write from a place of and an end product where all beings are without gender… or age… or race… or culture… or anything that differentiates them from anyone else. They can literally be played by anyone. Anyone? Yes. Please keep them human. Aliens would be cheating.


Still doing my own thing - More new material for a full Spellbound draft - part of the beginning of an ending -



Before I get started, Auggie wanted to say something to Micah.

Thank you.
For not letting me do anything.
For not trying to do anything yourself.
You could have really -
And you didn't.
Because you knew.
So, thank you.

So, going forward.
Obviously we need to have some ground rules.
I can't forbid you to see each other, much as part of me would like to.  Much as any sane person probably should.
It would just make everybody miserable.  Me included.
You're not a bad person, Micah.
You did a bad thing, but I don't believe that's who you are.
But you took something that is very important to me, and I don't mean Auggie -
You took a belief system around which I order my life and you abused it.
That's a betrayal.
And betrayal's a hard thing to get over.
I met both of you guys on the same night.
You've been a part of my life as long as Auggie has.
I thought I knew you.
Never in a million years did I think you'd do something this thoughtless and hurtful.
I haven't known you as long, Jeffrey, but I'm still willing to chalk up what you did to inexperience.  You seem sincere.
But you're not practicing magic again until you've got a lot more learning and experience under your belt in terms of the powers in which you're meddling.
Thankfully, you seem to have a very able and patient teacher here who's willing to help you out.  Duncan, you got us out of a jam as quickly as you could manage and I'm thankful for that.  Keep an eye on this one.  Once he knows what he's doing, he could do a lot of good.
And maybe that can help make up for the damage.  Just a little.
Back to Micah and Auggie.
You're not going to be alone together for the foreseeable future.
I don't have to be on top of you, watching your every move.  I don't even need to be in the same room.  But I'm going to be in the house.
As ridiculously regressive as this sounds, I'm going to be the one to get the drinks and prepare or order the food.
You're going to turn out your pockets when you come in the front door.  You carry nothing you brought with you into a room with the two of you together.
If you go out, we go out as a trio.
Preferably a double date.
If you're not already using an online dating service, Micah, I'm signing you up for one.  Even if I have to pay for it myself as a Christmas present.
You need to meet more gay people.
People you don't have to drug into wanting to kiss you.
As for the baby -
We had actually been talking about it a little but -
I'm sorry, I can't allow you to be the baby's godfather.
Neither you nor Jeffrey will ever be alone with this child.  Which is a shame because we could have used you in the babysitter pool.
Do not test me on this.
Maybe, someday, maybe maybe maybe - right now I don't see me trusting you again, and I need to be able to trust the people who care for my child.
We do want you in the kid's life.
We want our child to know that love and people come in all forms.  We want them to feel like whoever they love, that's OK.
Maybe when they're older - much older - we'll tell them why these two guys who are very important to us never helped with babysitting, weren't chosen as godfather, but that is so far in the future maybe all this will seem like a bad dream by then.
This is horrible.
I feel sick.
But right now, it's the only way I know to move forward.

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