Monday, August 12, 2019

Fringe 2019 - Shows with 2.5 Stars or less


Stand Up Eight - Kingfisher Theatre Company (Heather Fones, Callista Wengel) - Theatre in the Round Players (TRP)

Tweet review - 2019 #MNFringe: Stand Up Eight - it's very clear what this collection of shorts *wants* to be, it just, unfortunately, isn't; a lack of specificity and detail in the writing kneecaps the actors so they can't really create relationships, w/audience or each other - 2.5 stars

First Comes Love - Stephanie M. Hipple - Theatre in the Round Players

Tweet review: 2019 #MNFringe - First Comes Love: oh boy, uh, I was rooting for this one but... despite a very well-intentioned cast, the script and staging on this one are a mess. If you didn't know going in it was about the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the play doesn't tell you - 2.5 stars

Carbon Man-Dating: A Climate Themed Gay Romantic Comedy - Community Power MN - Augsburg Studio

Tweet review - 2019 #MNFringe: Carbon Man-Dating: a Climate-Themed Gay Romantic Comedy: this is a situation where the artist has an important subject (or 2) and needs someone more skilled to deliver the message; but good on him for the attempt - 2.5 stars


Ploys for Ensemble Glitz and Crisis Actors - Toot - Southern Theater

Tweet review: 2019 #MNFringe - Ploys for Ensemble Glitz And Crisis Actors - yikes; sadly the biggest disappointment of my Fringe so far; expected to be engaged and challenged; instead I got a show where the audience wasn't really necessary, so, uh... why be there? misfire - 2 stars

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