Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fringe 2019 - Schedule Day 11 - Sunday, August 11, 2019

1:00pm - Booth’s Ghost - Andrew Erskine Wheeler - Ritz Mainstage

Description - A ghost story of comedy and tragedy. Of swashbuckling, Junius Brutus, and his two actor sons: Edwin and John Wilkes Booth. Featuring Walt Whitman's writings and journal entries of the Booth acting family.

Finally.  I've been trying to get this one to line up on the schedule for a couple of weeks now.  Wheeler's Fringe preview promised another great performance, so I'm anxious to finally see the whole show.

2:30pm - Fool Muun Komming! [BeBgWunderful/ YEsyes/ 4sure.Hi5. TruLuv; SpankSpank: SOfun_Grate_Times] - Sam Kruger - Mixed Blood Theater

Making a return trip to this one.  This Fringe show's not like anything I've ever seen before, and after today, I won't get a chance to see it again, so I'm throwing in a repeat visit to revel in its weirdness one last time.

Tweet review - 2019 #MNFringe: Fool Muun Komming - resists description, so it's kind of untweetable, but... remarkable physical work and engagement of the audience by a human performer pretending not to be human; dazzling, odd, unexpectedly sweet, very Fringey - 5 stars

Followup tweet Tuesday 8/6: 2019 #MNFringe: only two more chances to see Fool Muun Komming, and one of them's tonight Tues 8/6 at 8:30pm (the other is Sunday 8/11 at 2:30pm); catch him while you can, you shouldn't miss this oddball

4:00pm - All Is Bright - Shelby Company - Mixed Blood Theater

I've missed Shelby Company in the years they've been gone, so before I have to start missing them again, I figured it was worth hanging out with them one last time  (my third).  The script and the performances bear repeat viewings, since there's a lot going on under the surface.  The theatrical equivalent of comfort food for me right now.

Tweet review - 2019 #MNFringe: All Is Bright - @ShelbyCompany and playwright Dan Moyer return with a character study of three (seeming) losers finding themselves at a turning point during a drunken Santa pub crawl; gorgeous, funny and a little sad - 5 stars

2nd visit - 2019 #MNFringe: All Is Bright: return visit to this @ShelbyCompany play by Dan Moyer; script so rich in both jokes and character, I discover new things each time I see it; like spending time with a dear old friend; coming back Sunday, too - 5 stars

5:30pm - Wilhemina and Theodore’s Exquisite Victorian Adventure - Fearless Comedy Productions - TRP

Description - Travel through time with Wilhelmina and Theodore as they attempt to pass their history exam in this Victorian take on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Strange things are afoot at the Circle Court!

I saw them put a classical spin on Weekend At Bernie's, so I'm sure their Bill and Ted homage will be equally amusing.

7:00pm - Plaid Tales - no way theatre (Melody DeRogatis, Ruby Carlson, Isaac Dean Quick)- Rarig Thrust

Description - A northern Minnesota coming of age story that reminds you of those big life choices you made growing up, with a hint of the classic trope, "no dad, I'm giving up on your dream."

I enjoyed their Fringe preview.  There were a lot of great options filling the rest of my Fringe schedule until now, but better to catch them late than never.

8:30pm - Kind of Funny but Also a Little Sad - The Importance Of Being Fotis (Rita Boersma, Mike Fotis, Heather Meyer) - TRP

Description - Rita Boersma and Mike Fotis present a sketch show that will be kind of funny but also a little sad. Text messages, moms, songs that haunt us and so much more. Original production directed by Heather Meyer.

Mom and I saw a lot of Mike Fotis Fringe offerings over the years (with a whole variety of collaborators), so it seems fitting I should conclude this first Fringe without her with one of her favorites.  Also, the title feels like a good description of my whole Fringe experience this year.

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