Sunday, July 28, 2019

Fringe 2019 - Top 20 - #14 - Fool Muun Komming! [BeBgWunderful/ YEsyes/ 4sure.Hi5. TruLuv; Spank Spank: SOfun_Grate_Times] – Sam Kruger – Mixed Blood

Yeah, that's not a crazy typo, the full title is -

Fool Muun Komming! [BeBgWunderful/ YEsyes/ 4sure.Hi5. TruLuv; Spank Spank: SOfun_Grate_Times]

Description - Set inside a giant mass hallucination, an extraterrestrial being appears before humankind to present a gift, millennia in the making. Part sci-fi clown, part acid mime, part oddball love letter.

This artist’s Fringe preview was deeply strange, but I also had a really strong feeling that he knew exactly what he was doing.  And of course, there’s the weird title to go with the weird preview but, again, I think the guy knows exactly what he’s doing.  He’s actually a local artist, but he’s taken this solo show of his on the circuit already - he’s been around Canada and the UK, picking up multiple awards for comedy, solo performer and “pick of the Fringe” along the way.

From the More Information tab on his Fringe show page:

Performed with nothing more than whiplash physicality, kaleidoscopic imagination, and one plastic bag, Fool Muun Komming! (etc, etc) is the genre defying, multi-award winning debut solo show from Sam Kruger, about an alien, his asteroid spaceship, and the dreams they wish to share with you.

This show is described in reviews from other festivals as “hilarious, beautiful, sensual, absurdist… unconventional, unexpected, and unbelievably good… Intellectual, absurd, raunchy, poetic, adorable, and funny… agile and frenetic… a special and weird Fringe jewel.”

I honestly can’t describe the preview, other than it just made me feel weird, in a way I didn’t mind, drawing me in rather than repelling me.  So I’m going to give it a go.

You can give his Fringe preview performance a look for yourself here

And he also has a video trailer.

First show - Friday, August 2, 2019, 5:30pm - Mixed Blood Theatre

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