Friday, July 26, 2019

Fringe 2019 Top 20 - #16 - Beat. - W.A.R. Theater - Crane

Description: An adaptation of the true story of the murder that bonded and changed a generation of America's greatest writers.

I’ve missed both of W.A.R. Theater’s Fringe shows thus far, including their 2017 hit De Hjertelose.  I did catch their one non-Fringe outing so far, ben and trish, with mixed results. 

However, their Fringe preview for Beat. was impressive and strange (someone else I talked to the other day was equally baffled but intrigued by it).  It didn’t make a whole lot of sense out of context but it was a large number of bodies onstage working tightly in unison, incorporating movement, music, simple costumes and acting to evoke a feeling and compel those watching.  It had a very “Transatlantic Love Affair” feel to it.  That’s a high bar, but I like them shooting for it.

Their expanded synopsis of the show makes the case:

“Jack Kerouac. William S. Burroughs. Allen Ginsberg. Three of the greatest American writers...and the dark, shared secret of their youth.

Based off of text, letters, and journal entries that have only recently come to light, "Beat." tells the complicated story of Lucien Carr and David Kammerer, whose murder rocked the friendship group of ‘The Beat Writers’ and scandalized the nation. Utilizing ensemble-created movement, original music, and rhythmic poetry, "Beat." asks the question - when our complicated lives end, who gets to tell our story?”

(Apparently, in this case, these folks get to tell the story.)

The whole concept of “newfound murder mystery in the midst of a group of cultural figures we think we already know well” is enticing.  So they’re on the list.

Side note: Could someone explain to me what “Channeling the W.A.R. of the individual to serve the community" means?  It’s their company tag line but try as I might, I can’t find something online that tells me what the W.A.R. stands for.

First show - Thursday, August 1, 2019, 7pm - Crane Theater

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