Sunday, July 28, 2019

Fringe 2019 - Top 10 - #8 - Origin Story – Dying Theatre (Alex Goebel) – Crane

Description: Jett is 16, homeless, with a dark past and an alter ego. He dons a mask to fight a mysterious villain... and a forgotten trauma. But who saves a superhero? - Think "Curious Incident..." meets "The Dark Knight"!

Queer content, religious content, political content, new play, local artists, a different spin on the superhero genre.

OK, you got me.

Short description in the Fringe press packet says:

A fast-paced, action-packed epic about heroes, villains, and LGBT teen homelessness.

A longer write-up in the same materials says:

Jett is 16, finding himself alone on the streets with nowhere to go, unable to remember what forced him there. Everyday, he struggles just to survive. By night, he disappears behind a mask and an alter ego, fighting to save his best friend from the clutches of a mysterious villain who may also hold the key to Jett's past. But as time passes and reality wavers, the lines blur between good, evil, man, and hero. And Jett will face the question: Who saves a superhero? A new, fast-paced, ensemble show. A necessary epic. An untold story.

I’m super curious about this one (no pun intended).

First show - Friday, August 2, 2019, 10pm - Crane Theater

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