Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 1 - Applesauce Fiction

"I cry apple juice instead of tears."

Jeffrey Shockley

Applesauce Fiction

A couple, Henri and Francoise, live on a planet which is undergoing a food shortage. Science (or whatever) has discovered a way to travel between different potential universes, and those in power invite Henri and Francoise to conceive of a universe in which they have everything they want. Upon being conceived, the universe exists, and Henri and Francoise receive everything they could ever want from their "newniverse" selves. However, when they realize their dream world necessitates oppression and slavery, Henri and Francoise must confront themselves and overthrow the newniverse government in a coup d'etat.

This was a weird one. But a good kind of weird. A male/female couple sit in matching inner tubes, sporting matching Fu Manchu moustaches on their faces (yes, the female, too). [An homage to the alternate universe episode of the original Star Trek? Isn't everything?]

They sloppily feed one another applesauce, try to kiss off some of the excess, and end up just leaving the rest of it hanging off their faces for the remainder of the preview. Oh-kaaay...

It turns out these two are the benevolent dictators of an alternate reality, addressing (I think) their counterparts in our reality. They trot out their happy slave who backs up their claim of benevolence. She wears water wings. Apparently she has to swim in the regular pool, with water. Our inner-tubing, bewhiskered dictators float in a pool of apple juice. (And they got out on the yellow light, perhaps to go with the apple juice theme.)

It's a new play, and a strangely inventive one. The performers are all very enthusiastic about throwing themselves into the deep end of the oddity pool. Can't put my finger on it but I am strangely drawn to this one. Perhaps you may be, too. It looks like fun.

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