Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 2 - Pathos, Punchlines & Painkillers

"Welcome to my kitchen!"

The Nanny Bumpkin

Pathos, Punchlines & Painkillers

Come see one of Canada's top spoken word artists at work; Long distance relationships, juggling; hospital visits, phone sex, and nursery rhymes- Chris Masson delivers the goods on all of these complex and riveting issues with his rowdy, dynamic, hilarious blend of performance poetry and storytelling. This play has all the meat, drama and comedy of a well written Oscar winning movie without all the For Your Consideration propaganda.

Another out-of-towner - actually out-of-country - video clip. This one, however, got the colored lights treatment, because it ran long. When the red light appeared, the audience dutifully clapped, and the video was stopped, just like any other performer running overtime having to be escorted offstage.

It was hard to track what exactly was going on here, because the picture was slightly out of focus and the sound was muffled, like the microphone was bundled up in a blanket halfway across the room. Since the previous video clip was clear as a bell, I'm assuming it was quality of the product, rather than issues with projection.

From what I could make out, the guy (very energetic, bordering on spastic; and cute, even out of focus) was lying in his bed, surrounded by containers of food and kitchen utensils and appliances. He used these things, and his voice, to make music. His monologue was something having to do with different styles of music, which he demonstrated, ably enough, I thought.

It's hard to know. The guy could be brilliant. The guy could be annoying as hell. From this preview, it was hard to get a clear fix on which way the artistic wind was blowing in that regard. Perhaps a live preview at the out-of-towner showcase just before the Fringe begins will clear everything up.

The Fringe's YouTube page should have the Fringe-For-All clip up in the coming days, so check back there and see for yourself. Meanwhile, we have...

His show page

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