Monday, July 20, 2009

Fringe 2009 - Returning Favorites - Mike Fotis

Rockstar Storytellers adjacent #6

Mike Fotis

2007 - An Intimate Evening With Fotis - The Taller Side of Ferrari McSpeedy

2008 - An Intimate Evening With Fotis 2

(Electric boogaloo)

(sorry, it's a reflex)

And now...

An Intimate Evening With Fotis III

In the third installment of this somewhat popular show, Mike sits in a chair and tells stories. At first crowds say, "He'll stand." By the end they're like, "Wow, he never stood up."

(OK, this is the third intimate evening we've shared, Fotis. Someone's supposed to put out. Who's it gonna be? And my mom is off limits)

But seriously folks, I've seen this year's outing called The Importance of Being Fotis, and Fotis Time, as well. But does it really matter? It's Mike Fotis.

His blog is funny. He's funny. An evening of him telling stories, subject matter doesn't matter, will be funny.

It's why he was part of my 2007 Top 10 list. It's why Mom and I keep going back. We know we'll laugh, and won't feel bad about it later. It's not cheap comedy, it's smart comedy.

If I need a laugh at any random time, I just visit and start reading back blog entries I haven't seen yet.

For instance...

"Today was a trip to the doctor for my annual physical. And by annual, I mean the first visit in nearly three years. I’m not going to say I’m broken, but I certainly need a tune up. A doctor should never use the phrase 'very concerned' while talking with you, let alone about 5 separate things. Anyhoo... there you go."

(I've been there, Mike.)

In other, alternate universe news, I used to be able to just type in "fotis" on the Fringe's website in the search window and come up with Mike's show. This year, we also get...

Peter Neofotis (out of New York)

So, if neo-Nazis are the new Nazis, does that mean a neofotis is the new fotis?

What's his Fringe show about...?

Concord, Virginia - A Southern Town in Stories

Neofotis performs his prize-winning stories, published by St. Martin's Press. With tales of interracial lovers, moonshining old ladies and gay trials - it's kinda like Garrison Keillor, except Southern.

A review on his website,, says, in part...

"Don’t ask Peter Neofotis to tell you a bed time story, unless you are prepared to remain awake reeling with laughter, welling up with tears and fearing the prospect of ominous birds swooping down into your hair."

Uh, Mike? Watch your back, buddy.

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