Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fringe 2009 - OOTS - Holding Patterns

His sign - "I'm a great lover"
Her sign - "I'm sexually frustrated."
His sign - "I'm a liar. I'm OK."

Monica Rodero & Daniel Schuchart

Holding Patterns

from Milwaukee, WI

The charmingly clever Milwaukee-based powerhouse, Monica Rodero and Dan Schuchart, are coming back to the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the third year in a row with new work. After five years of collaborative creation, this innovative and unpredictable pair is at it again and pleased to bring their lively dance show to the Southern Theater.

Holding Patterns waltzes through stories interrupted by puzzles, predicaments and physical drives. Wit and humor prevail in this dance show featuring an original music score by Seth Warren-Crow, music by NY-based Love Like Deloreans, guest choreography by Debra Loewen of Wild Space Dance Company and dancer Kim Lesik, former Milwaukeean turned Twin City transplant. Mike Mathieu of The Cody Rivers Show lent text for a solo entitled, "Prelude to the Maestro," which the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel aptly judged "insane and hilarious."

I really enjoyed their dance show Gone, Gone, Gone in last year's Fringe. Judging by the preview, they've got the same quirky sensibility going on. And it's not strictly dance. They began, in matching red T-shirts, with a series of dialogue cards. One particularly amusing sequence were the quotes on their cards noted at the top of the post. Then they took turns setting each other's bodies in motion to the music that was going through a set of false starts. She'd bounce him up and down by the shoulders. He'd set her hips gyrating. Eventually, because they're both so damn graceful as well as goofy, they got going in fluid motions based on the initial bits and pieces. It was a lot of fun to watch. I hope I can squeeze their show onto my schedule again this year because I really like the comic sensibility running underneath their beautiful series of movements. This one's definitely high on the recommendation list.

Plus, collaborating with Cody Rivers, bonus points!

Their show page

Their video trailer is whimsical (just as expected)...

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