Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 1 - Oops!

"Smoking shrinks the baby, and I've got to keep my body fit."

Warsh lut Productions


(no really, that's the title)

He's gay. She's straight. And now they're having a baby. Oops.

I know what you're thinking. It *sounds* lame. But they take that premise and make a whole lot of comic hay out of it. And in a lot of ways you wouldn't expect. These two characters fight dirty in the way only best friends can, and there's a lot of humor there.

I was also amused by how the one actor turned into the baby-to-be about halfway through - tormenting his mother-to-be any way he could (just like his unintentional daddy). They went out on the red light, but they timed it down to the second, so it was kind of cool to watch them slide in safe at home, even with all the laugh lines.

The thing that sold me before I even saw the preview is that the writer is also one of the actors - Colin Waitt, the oversexed flamboyantly gay and murderous duke from
Bards, and the wandering AWOL soldier from
Baggage. That fact that he's in it would be enough. The fact that he wrote it, and he's spent several Fringe seasons working with
a couple of playwrights I greatly admire, no doubt soaking up some of their writing tricks in the process, has me thinking the odds are very much in favor of a good show here. All that, plus the preview at Fringe-For-All introduced me to his acting partner-in-crime Jasmine Rush - equally fabulous and naughty. That seals it. I'm there. (You should be, too, if you need a good laugh.)

Their show page

They've got their own video trailer up now, too...

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