Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 1 - Jurassic Dork

"Nature finds a way."

John Skelley

Jurassic Dork

One man. One movie. One show. One one-man parody of a movie show. Hold on to your butts.

A one-man version of the epic film Jurassic Park created and performed by John Skelley.

Action, Adventure, Dinosaurs, and Jeff Goldblum combine to create an unmissable Fringe Show.

This was friggin' brilliant.

John Skelley apologized to Robin Gillette afterward for spitting on her microphone, but that'll happen when a guy is doing his own dinosaur sound effects.

The guy presented us with an auditory movie trailer, where he played all the roles (including a hilarious imitation of Jeff Goldblum).

And by the time he got to the part where he said, "starring talented but little seen Twin Cities actor John Skelley," I felt like cheering.

Because, honestly, I'm a big John Skelley fan. Have been since I saw him in the new plays they used for the graduating BFA class of the U of M/Guthrie acting program. So I'm very happy to see him get a showcase like this to really take the stage and own it. I was a bit quizzical about the choice of material at first, but he's having a ball with it, and it shows. This is one of those instances where I don't think we're just getting all the good material in the trailer and movie turns out to be crap. This actor's been languishing in minor roles at the Guthrie for way too long - Servant Guy in the endless two-part run of Jane Eyre, Random Dock Worker in A View From The Bridge, Third Fairie In A Harness On The Left in Midsummer Night's Dream, friggin' Christmas Carol. (OK, I know, boo hoo, it's a steady paycheck and he's paying his dues, but damn, the guy's a good actor, give him a friggin' break already.) [He at least got a decent sized supporting role with actual scenes and lines (and a smoking jacket) in Two Gentlemen of Verona, but, well, it was Two Gentlemen of Verona, not one of those other box office juggernauts with tons of people in the audience, where if you blinked, you missed him.]

If he's the smart actor I think he is, John Skelley is gonna slay this dinosaur.

I can't wait.

(In fact, right after seeing that preview, I bumped Jurassic Park to the top of my Netflix queue, just for a bit of fun, to refresh my memory. I'm watching it now.)

Once the Fringe YouTube page has the clip up and running, you'll see what I mean.

His show page

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