Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fringe 2009 - OOTS - The Tenth Muse

"She decided if the students wouldn't be cheerleaders, the nuns would have to do it."

Elisa Korenne

The Tenth Muse

Did you know that the first female presidential candidate was a former fake psychic who bedded Cornelius Vanderbilt? How about that Dr. Bronner (the verbose natural soap king) began his career in an insane asylum? Did you ever meet the Root Beer Lady, a wilderness woman who served rootbeer to tourists from her cabin in the Boundary Waters? Featuring biographical songs penned by nationally-acclaimed songwriter Elisa Korenne, the Tenth Muse explores the question: "How fringe can a person get?"

This was very pleasant. We didn't really get a song with a melody per se from the artist. This was her number about the cheerleading nun, which was a rap along to her tiny keyboard's beatbox function. There are clips from some of her other songs on her Fringe show page and her website (links below). It was an amusing story about a squad of cheerleading nuns (no, really). She got the audience to cheer along at the end. I tend to like the whole singer-songwriter vibe, so I'll give this one a second look.

Her website -

Her show page

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