Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fringe 2009 - FFA 1 - Sarah, Your Ovaries Are Drying Up - The Musical

"He says that, despite my awesome rack, I just don't do it for him anymore."

Crankador Productions

Sarah, Your Ovaries Are Drying Up - The Musical

Old flames! Overbearing friends! Sarcastic reproductive organs! Follow Sarah as her clock ticks down to an inevitable uterine abyss.

Well, I now know that "beating your breasts" isn't just a turn of phrase.

One of the actresses literally beat on her breasts (albeit for purposes of physical comedy) to the point where a large part of the audience was wincing in sympathy. Points for committing to your acting choice, though. Ouch.

Robin Gillette later said, "I saw the people in the hockey jerseys out in the lobby and I tried to guess which show they were with. This was not the show I would have guessed the hockey people were in."

But when you have a song with the inexplicable refrain "Pull The Goalie," a chorus of people in hockey jerseys are bound to appear at some point.

Again, like the tap-dancing crackwhores earlier, big points for enthusiasm and going for broke. They certainly weren't shy about belting out their big musical number about...

...I still don't know what the hell it was about. I'm dense. Every time I tried to think what the heck "pull the goalie" meant in this context, I got nothing but unpleasant visuals that had nothing to do with Sarah trying to... get pregnant, I guess?

There was choreography, there was cheerleading, there was a hell of a lot of energy. And they got it all done by the time the 2-1/2 minute warning yellow light came on.

Plus, you know, the phrase "inevitable uterine abyss."

(The underlying implied themes of "a single woman is a tragic thing" and "a woman who doesn't give birth is a tragic thing," even in the service of a comic conceit, kind of bug me. But maybe that's being taken out of context in the preview and in the whole show, it's actually saying something more balanced, or even positive about someone who chooses a solitary life of non-reproduction. Hard to tell.)

I have no idea whether I want to see this show. But they sure are enthusiastic about it.

My favorite part of their website is the "About" section, which simply says, "Crankador productions was created in 2008 by a group of friends to produce a Fringe show. That is all."

And I do like the thought of some guy having the role of "Singing Ovary" on his acting resume going forward. There's a conversation starter for you.

Their website -

Their show page

And of course, there's a trailer of a song about ovaries...

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Unknown said...

One word: Phenomenal!

If you could only go see one show at the Fringe this year, you would not want to miss this one! The writing by Samantha Baker, Nate Morse and Samantha Veldhouse was out right genius! This musical has everything to keep you entertained and leaving you wanting more and more! The main character, Sarah, was played with such realism that you sometimes got lost in Samantha Baker's character. You felt her frustration and at times knew exactly what she was going through.

Sarah's coworker, Jill; played by Samantha Veldhouse was intriguing in every way. She is the co worker that seems to have everything you want but deep down has more issues than you could ever imagine! It was a riot to see this in action! Ova, played by Molly Dworsky and Ries, played by Nathan Eliot was off the scale hilarious! They did an amazing job with keeping the audience intrigued and always on the edge of their seats with the lyrics being sung.

Mary and Mark, Sarah's friends, are played by Molly O Chamberlain and Alex Walker. They protray that annoying couple that seems so perfect you would want to puke. These two were amazing in their roles! Guy, played by Nate Morse, was the example of every guy you left and wondered "has he changed?". He had a perfectly drunken scene that had to have brought back memories of others who had received such drunken calls late at night.

One scene in particular that dealt with speed dating had the audience rolling in a fury of laughter until their eyes were swollen with tears! I don't want to give anything away as this is a show that needs to be seen for yourself!