Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fringe 2010 - FFA2 - Bad Teddy, Bad Teddy

Another Fringe-For-All preview that pleasantly surprised me was...

Bad Deeds Done Bad


"Have you ever had a good friend give you bad advice? Nolan's friend is a teddy bear who tells him to shoot his father in the leg. A dark and fuzzy comedy.

If 'August: Osage County' and 'Avenue Q' had a drunken one night stand, they might have produced this darkly comic family drama."

So I guess the "Avenue Q" parent is responsible for the DNA that caused the lead character to fondle his own nipples using a teddy bear, while wielding a pistol.

And the "August: Osage County" parent caused the two female characters to don slinky red dresses, cart around martini glasses, and generally perpetuate family dysfunction.

This was just... weird. Intensely goofy, mildly threatening and... weird. But in a good way, an entertaining way. When an actor came out to give voice to the evil teddy bear and interact with the gun-wielding teen, well, it got weirder, and more fun.

Is it a little rough around the edges still? Sure, but it still definitely feels like one of those Fringe shows to kick back and enjoy the ride.

I just need to resist the continual urge to keep amending the title to

Bad Deeds Done Bad-ly

Watch for yourself...

Their Fringe-For-All preview

Their Fringe page

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