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Fringe 2010 - Returning Favorites - Joking Envelope (Joseph Scrimshaw)

Speaking of deals with the devil (see the post on The Collectors)...

"'What's Up, Satan?' is the hottest pilot in LA. Only three actors remain in the audition room of hell. What won't they do to land the lead role of Lucifer? An evil comedy about every day evil.

Using the Hollywood dream of fame and success as a backdrop, the show explores the concept of "everyday evil". Putting aside demons, Nazis, or super-villians--what choices do we all make on a day-to-day basis that we are less than proud of? Is there really such a thing as good and evil? What won't we do to get what we really want in life?"

Yes, Joking Envelope (aka Joseph and Sara Stevenson Scrimshaw) is back in this year's Fringe with a new Joseph Scrimshaw comedy

The Damn Audition

Sample lines from The Damn Audition...

"Did you know that in Los Angeleles 'is that normal?' is the most frequently asked and least frequently answered question?"

"In America, wanting to be famous is like having herpes. Even if you're not experiencing an outbreak, it's always there, living in your spine."

"I am a Lutheran. The closest I have ever been to an orgy is a really successful potluck."

The cast is so good, it almost isn't fair...

"The show features a truly all star cast of Twin Cities acting talent: Equity actor and star of the Guthrie’s recent production of “M. Butterfly”, Randy Reyes*, as an inexperienced actor brand new to LA; Fringe Favorite David Mann* as a frustrated LA character actor; John Middleton as a deranged former child star; and Maggie Chestovich* and Joseph Scrimshaw as artistically obsessed casting agents.

*Member of Actor’s Equity Association"

If I knew nothing about these people, I think the press materials would have had me at "deranged former child star." John Middleton as a deranged former child star? Even better!

I did a big returning favorite write-up on Joseph in 2008 (both the Scrimshaw Brothers made the Top 10 list on my blog back in 2005), so I won't go repeating myself on that score. And here's the seemingly inevitable five star review from me for his outing in the 2009 Fringe, The Tragedy of You, as well as a variety of audience and critical response

From the Joking Envelope website

"Here at Joking Envelope... we believe three simple absolute truths about comedy.

Number One: Comedy is fun. You shouldn’t take it too seriously.

Number Two: Comedy is a deadly serious art form. It exists to ignite impassioned intellectual responses and provoke the cathartic emotional release commonly known as laughter.

Number Three: There is no reason comedy can't be both at the same time."

Amen, brothers and sisters.

Their Fringe show page

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