Friday, July 09, 2010

Fringe 2010 - Returning Favorites - Partizan Players

Unfortunately, Partizan Players last year ended up being one of those acts that I pimped on my 2009 Fringe Top 20 list, and then managed to completely miss all the performances of
Something Witchy. I'm hoping to correct that this year.

And what better year to do it than one in which Partizan revisits their 2005 Fringe hit (which I also missed, what is up with me?), The Princeton Seventh - a show so universally beloved back then that for this year's Fringe page, they just re-posted all their audience praise from last time to convince you to come out this time around. Can't argue with that strategy.

I also can't argue with the cast, which includes not only the talented Alex Cole and Ari Hoptman, but the lovely and talented Alayne Hopkins, who recently played a werewolf for me in a Thirst play I wrote. Added incentive to go, as if I needed more.

Their website -

Their show page

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