Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fringe 2010 - FFA2 - "This Whole Thing Has Been An Adult Evening..."

Another pleasant surprise at Fringe-For-All...

An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein

Evil Temptress Productions

"Lacey Piotter and John T. Zeiler take you through the darkly comic adult world of Shel Silverstein, a world where nothing is as it seems and where the most innocent conversation can turn menacing in an instant.

A bag lady in training?
60 words for boobs?
Auctioning of a woman at her own request?
A dead pony for a birthday present?
The punishment for not reading the fine print?

Seven different talented local directors (Claire Avitabile, Mike Davidovich, Mary Fox, Ariel Pinkertson, Duke Piotter, Eric “Pogi” Sumangil, Nicole Wilder), seven different twisted vignettes, 14 characters, and 2 actors."

Lacey just isn't busy enough this Fringe acting in her own play In The Weeds for The Flowershop Project. She needed a two-person show to really wear herself out completely.

Who knew Shel Silverstein was such a sick, amusing bastard? Clearly, I'm not up on my children's literature. Not that these are kid's stories...

The "dead pony as a birthday present" scene gets progressively funnier and more twisted the longer it goes on (and that was just three minutes worth). The actors are enjoying the hell out of the material and deliver it sharply, so we can enjoy the hilarious inappropriateness of it all. Daddy is giving his little girl the worst birthday ever. And it's wrong, but you gotta laugh.

This was the next to last preview of the Fringe-For-All night and Robin Gillette's comment during the introduction, "This whole thing has been an adult evening..." was not off the mark. It was good to have Shel's dark sense of humor to bring us home.

See for yourself...

Fringe-For-All preview

Fringey Awards video entry

Their Fringe page

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