Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fringe 2010 - Returning Favorites - Aspect I Studios/Damien Sheridan

Damian Sheridan/Aspect I Studios was part of my 2004 Fringe Top 10 List for their delightfully cheesy sci-fi adventure The Judas Cradle.

This time around it's

The Collectors

"The dark business of the corporate squeezing of America has never been so funny, or so Faustian. You will resonate with the original story and score behind this bold new musical. Get ready to leave singing."

which is sort of vague (and corporate subject matter tends not to interest me), but the Faustian tag makes me think it may still be along the lines of their working title and show description, which was

Soul Collectors

A musical about a person who works for a third party collection agency employed by Hell to collect on "deadbeat" souls.

So I'm curious to see them in action again. We should have more to go on shortly, as they're part of the upcoming July 12th edition of Fringe-For-All

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