Sunday, August 01, 2004

First Show of the Fringe

Hidden Gem (third in a series)
[a show that might not be on your radar, but should be...]

This Love Train Is Unstoppable and I Am the Conductor
Inept Productions
Jungle Theatre

So you want to be the first among your friends to see a Fringe show?

Don't wait til 5:30pm on Friday, August 6, or you will have already missed the first three.

Due to the vagaries of scheduling at the Jungle and Illusion Theatres, we have two shows at 4pm, and one at, get this, 2:30pm.

Yeah, I thought it was a typo, too, but it's not.

And this was a show I wanted to see anyway, for completely silly reasons - but they're reinforced by the fact that this show already has a proven track record on the Fringe circuit (Cincinnati, glowing reviews, and on to San Francisco Fringe after us).

Silly Reason 1 - the photo that goes with this show is really cool - a guy holding a gun to one ear and a bouquet of flowers bursting out of the other

Silly Reason 2 - the guy's cute (sadly straight, given the plot summary and no GLBT tag, but that doesn't make him any less cute)

Silly Reason 3 - though it has vaguely stalker-like overtones, I love the title

Silly Reason 4 - it's the first show of the Fringe

But, beyond the silly reasons, when the Cincinnati press starts using favorable comparisons to This American Life, David Sedaris, and Dave Eggers, while at the same time calling the solo artist "a talented and well-meaning buffoon," I begin to think my silly reasons aren't so silly, and my instincts to trust this fellow with an hour of both my (and my mother's) time, are well founded.

So if you want to see the first show of the Fringe, ditch work early and meet us at the Jungle at 2:30pm on Friday.

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