Saturday, August 14, 2004

My Fringe for Saturday, August 14th

Show count as of yesterday, 33 (37 if you count my return trips to Dandelion Snow and Philosophy: The Music of Ben Folds)

Another full day ahead...

From the Diary of Virginia Woolf

John and Jen: Part One

both from Nautlis Music-Theatre
both at Hennepin (Hey City) Stages, upstairs

The last performances for both of these. I've talked before about how much I was looking forward to the Nautilus entries in the Fringe. It all still applies. I wish I could see more. Two out of three ain't bad. I wanted to see John and Jen: Part Two as well, but...

Click on the Woolf or John and Jen Fringe pages and add them to your schedule.

Dandelion Snow
Out On Stage Productions
MCTC Whitney Mainstage

Did you really expect me to be anywhere else?
Audience reviews are generally quite good. And the Star Tribune said this, "Playwright Matthew Everett is a diehard romantic. He unashamedly wears his heart on his sleeve in this sweet tale of love lost and found. Dana and Ash were high school sweethearts who meet again in their thirties. Everett handles a complex web of relationships past and present with subtlety and gentle good humor. The simple production and strong performances underscore the play's emotional honesty." (William Randall Beard) Our final show and then we pack it up and take it away.

Click on our Fringe page, add it to your schedule and come join us.

If you want to learn more about the play, read excerpts, etc., swing on by my website.

The Mayasphere Project
Bryant Lake Bowl

I've been looking forward to this one for a while - click on the following for the reasons why. And I've already missed it once due to nasty traffic patterns and delays in my neighborhood, but with any luck I'm make it - and early - this time.

This is the last peformance so visit his Fringe page and add him to your schedule.

Illusion Theatre

A script by Jeff Hatcher that features the fabulous acting and comedy talents of Barbara June Patterson and Phyllis Wright (who are also two of the nicest ladies I've ever had the privilege of working with). These are all the reasons I need.

Visit their Fringe page and add them to your schedule. There's one last chance for this one after tonight, on Sunday at 5:30pm.

Warning - Danger, Will Robinson - Illusion shows run long and can wreak havoc on the rest of your Fringe binge-ing, so whenever possible, schedule them at the end rather than the middle of your day, if, like me, you're running all over creation and have very little margin for error.

Six Steps: Part Deux
Illusion Theatre

I've remarked before on the multitude of reasons I need to see this one. Your reasons may not be the same, but it's well worth your time. So visit their Fringe page and add these superheroes in therapy to your schedule. There's also one more chance after this evening to catch them, Sunday at 8:30pm.

Same warning as the one above on Murderers.

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