Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fringe 2004 - Top 10 - Patrick and James: A Love Story
If You Held A Gun To My Head (10 of 10)
...or If I Could Only See Ten Fringe Shows...
...what would they be, and why?

Patrick and James: A Love Story
The Artsy Guy
Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts

You probably weren't counting, but just in case you were, yeah, yeah, I know, I didn't get #10 out of my laptop before the Festival started. However, my mind hasn't changed.

I have been, and remain, such an easy mark for a gay love story. We've had countless coming out stories and plenty of sex in the city stories, but not nearly enough romances. It's part of the reason I write them. And it's the main reason I've been looking forward to seeing this show ever since I first heard about it back in April.

Another reason, of course, would be Kenny Kiser, who's Artistic Director of New Breath Productions and now the founder of Artsy Guy. Although being a nice guy isn't necessarily an artistic credential, it certainly doesn't hurt. He's interested in producing new and original works, both musical and non-musical. If he wants to produce gay stories for the stage as well, I say more power to him.

But really, for an hour, I just want to forget I'm single and nearly 40 and just relax into the possibility of things changing for the better.

So I'm hauling ass from Intermedia to Interact this evening, just to get a dose of this show early in the week. If I like it, I may very likely be back at the end of the festival.

Told you I was an easy mark.

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