Sunday, August 15, 2004

My Fringe for Sunday, August 15th

Show count as of yesterday, 38 (43 if you count my return trips to Dandelion Snow and Philosophy: The Music of Ben Folds)

Final show count, if all goes as planned today, will be 41 (48 if you count my return trips to Dandelion Snow and Philosophy: The Music of Ben Folds and the additional two repeats that will bookend my day today - see below...)

One last day of Fringe-ing...

12 noon
I'm treating myself to a return visit to Bryant Lake Bowl to see the final performance of
Plants and Animals

All the reasons I love this goofy show still apply. It's why I'm putting myself in their capable and entertaining hands once again. Click on the following to see my wax enthusiastic about the first time I saw this show.

Click on their Fringe page, add it to your schedule and come join me.

Now I could see a 2:30pm show, but I'm so far behind as it is, I'd like to take a wee bit of a breather and maybe get in some extra blogging.

Were I to go, the shows vying for my attention would be...

Punch and Judy in Dame Crustie's Ten Little Puppets
5th of November Puppeteers
Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts

A friend who loves puppets had a great time at this one, so I'm tempted - the Verizon cell phone joke alone which he recounted to me would have been worth the price of admission. Recommended if you're looking for a 2:30pm show today.

Click on their Fringe page and add it to your schedule - I still might.


Good Clown/Bad Clown
Crab Apple
Illusion Theatre

I feel bad that I ditched on this at the end of my schedule the other day to hang out with the Dandelion Snow cast because I also do want to be supportive of my director on Fast Fringe, Bryan Bevell, who's also the helmer here, and very talented. Plus, Good Clown/Bad Clown has a great rep from its successful previous run at the Bryant Lake Bowl earlier this year. Everyone I know who's seen it this year thoroughly enjoyed themselves. But honestly, I really don't want to miss the 4pm show I have on my schedule, and my experiences with Illusion last night make me fearful that they let all their shows run long, so I'm going to play it safe.

If you're feeling bolder than I, or don't have to be across town for the 4pm slot, then click on their Fringe page and add it to your schedule.

Back to back one man shows I don't want to miss take me into the second half of my Fringe day...

Alan Berks
Pillsbury House Theatre

I've been teased about some of the reasons I was interested in seeing this show. But if you want outside confirmation of its artistic merit, go check out the audience reviews on its web page and make up your own mind. I'll be there regardless.

Click on his Fringe page, add it to your schedule and come join me.

And if you're not in the mood for a one person show, I highly recommend
the great ensemble work, crackling script and lightning fast production which is The Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen over at the Minneapolis Theatre Garage. It's one of a handful of 5 star shows for me this year, and if it weren't for the fact that this is Alan's last performance, I'd happily make a repeat trip to see them. Highly recommended.

Osama Kincaid, Painter of Terrorism
Tom Cassidy
Pillsbury House Theatre

I've been looking forward to this one for a while - click on the following for the reasons why.

Then go to his Fringe page, add him to your schedule and join me.

After a couple of slots at Pillsbury, it's off to another part of town to see a show I foolishly delayed (and regretted)...

Skewed Visions
Intermedia Arts

Love Skewed Visions. It's a very different kind of theatre and never fails to stretch my mind and my definitions of what performance and audience are. Click on the following to see some of the many reasons I recommend this one.

Then visit their Fringe page, add them to your schedule and join me.

They also do this kind of work year round, so check out their website - - and follow them beyond the Fringe. I recommend it.

And if I weren't going to Pipes, I'd be trying to get into what is sure to be a packed house to see

Buckets and Tap Shoes

which was so popular with the Fringe crowd they added an additional performance

*not at their original venue* but

Hennepin (Hey City) Stages, upstairs.

If you've already seen Pipes or it doesn't sound like your cup of tea, 10 Foot 5 is another rousing way to fill part of your final evening at the Fringe.

Check out their Fringe web page for more.

Then, I can think of few ways better to end my Fringe journey than with a play I quite enjoyed the first time, which in a strange way already feels like a conversation with old friends...

Patrick and James: A Love Story
The Artsy Guy, Inc.
Interact Center for Visual and Performing Arts

Click on the following to see why I loved it so much the first time and what's drawing me back again.

Then visit their Fringe page and add them to your schedule.

Then it's over to Fringe Central for the closing night party. Woo hoo!

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