Thursday, August 12, 2004

Fringe Snapshot, Day 6

A brief overview. More complete reviews to follow...

Dandelion Snow - 4-1/2 stars - We had about 35 people at 2:30pm in the afternoon. Not bad. Certainly more than I expected. Thanks to all who came. Another good show by the cast, and now they have three more days in a row (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) of performances to round out the run in style. Come join us.

Philosophy: The Music of Ben Folds - 5 stars - Brought one of the actors from my show along with me this time. He didn't know the music, so the sound issues were greater for him than me. Me, I think the sound was better this time but I can see where there might be room for improvement. We were both in agreement that the guy on piano (both singing and keyboard skills) was great. Still, I had another great time at this show. Glad I went again. Two more shows for them - Thursday and Sunday.

In Defense of Sin (My Friends' Best Stories) - 4 stars - Another witty laugh machine from the Ministry of Cultural Warfare - two of the stories - the Neo-Nazi birthday party and the embarrassing brain aneurysm - were the strongest and funniest. I sort of wished it ended with one of them. Even so, a more consistently funny show than many that you'll see around the Fringe. Three more performances - Thursday, Friday, Saturday - and long lines and sold out houses are sure to be the rule. Make reservations or get there very early.

John and Jen: Part Two - as expected, after visiting the U of MN's Fringe class, my playwright friend Anne and I went out for food and drink and a good long talk, instead of me going to another show. The end of the evening came at about the same time, since I didn't end up getting home til around midnight. But I have two more chances - Friday and Saturday - to catch this one, and I intend to try. Still recommended viewing - Nautilus does some of the best musical theatre in town.

Now I'm going to try and elaborate on all of that.

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