Monday, August 09, 2004

Fringe Day 2, Part 5 - August 7, 2004, 7:00pm

Improv A Go-Go: Deathmatch
Five Man Job
Brave New Workshop Theatre

Mom says, "That was fun. I wish we could have stayed for more."

But this was the final domino we could allow to fall in our struggle to get back on schedule. Brave New Workshop knew it, too. They had to start the show while a quarter of the audience was still outside getting their tickets because the previous two shows had put them behind the eight-ball time-wise.

Nice things about the delay and Brave New Workshop and Improv A Go-Go:

- While Mom waited in line, I could go get us some dinner at Chipotle across the street.
- They let food in the theatre, so we could eat our dinner while we watched.
- It's improv in sections, so though we hated to have to duck out before it was all over and the voting could take place, we still got plenty of fun, start to finish.

(The reason we had to leave is that my show Dandelion Snow opened at 8:30pm and we weren't going to be late for/miss that. Besides, there was some pre-show stuff that needed to get done.)

I'd seen Improv A Go-Go, the weekly version, before and have extolled its many virtues.

This way Mom at least got a taste.

And I hear today that there's a serious smackdown now in place on shows that try to run overtime. So it was just a first weekend aberration.

Improv A Go-Go: Deathmatch - well worth whatever time you can give it. A great break from scripted fare. And we all need a laugh these days, right?

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