Wednesday, August 11, 2004

My Fringe for Wednesday, August 11th

Weird day today, schedule-wise, but I still plan to see some good stuff...


uh...2:30 in the afternoon on a weekday?!

I guess I better hope for the sake of my cast (and the casts of the other dozen or so shows playing) that there are a heck of a lot of people on vacation (in town) and out of school (in town), but I suppose there are a bundle of Fringers in from out of town looking for a way to while away their time. Hope to see you all, whoever you are, there because first on the schedule is me...

Dandelion Snow
Out On Stage Productions
MCTC Whitney Mainstage

I wrote it. I want to support my great cast. If my opinion seems unduly biased, I'll let the opening night audience (who also posted reviews) or the Star Tribune review (in my blog entry just below) do the talking for me.

Also, I've been to 23 shows so far. There has been only one in my Fringe travels so far this year where the audience clapped so long and enthusiastically that the pleasantly surprised cast had to pull themselves back together and go out on stage for a second curtain call.

That show was Dandelion Snow.

If you want to learn more about the play, read excerpts, etc., swing on by my website.

I'm taking a break. First of all, based on last time, when I'm at the performance of my own shows, I end up lingering too long, either to chat or to help clean up, to actually make it to another stage to catch the next Fringe schedule slot. So no crosstown jaunts are possible. Of the nearby shows I wanted to see, one

Philosophy: The Music of Ben Folds
Brown Bee Productions
Loring Playhouse

I've already seen (though I'm tempted to, and may yet, dash over to the Loring to see it again - 5 stars, highly recommended - click on their Fringe page and add it to your schedule)

the other,

From the Diary of Virginia Woolf
Nautilus Music-Theater
Hennepin (Hey City) Stages, upstairs

is on my schedule for the upcoming weekend and not nearly as tight a squeeze to make then, schedule-wise, (click on the following for my write-up of them, talking about Musicals Worth Seeing or just go to their Fringe page and add them to your schedule)

and the last

Why You Shouldn't Leave The Future Up To Us
BNI Teen Improv Troupe: Rebels Without Applause
Pillsbury House Theatre

is just too far away for me to make without killing someone in my car. Sorry, guys, I'm still looking to fit you in though. Your show sounds like a lot of fun.

I talked about them and some other Fringers of the Future recently, so you can read that, or just go straight to their Fringe page and add them to your schedule.

The upside is I'll have time to eat dinner and actually get in some more blogging, so those of you interested in full reviews, they're coming...

In Defense of Sin (My Friends' Best Stories)
Ministry of Cultural Warfare
Intermedia Arts

My yearly pilgrimage to the altar of the Ministry, in full-on Fringe mode. They're wildly popular for a reason - they're damn good and damn funny. So of course, I made a reservation, just to be on the safe side.

(Click on the following to see why I think they're one of three Sure Things at this year's Fringe, or just go to their Fringe page and add them to your schedule or see their website for more on the Ministry.)

Speaking of sold out houses, in my 23 show Fringe whistle stop tour thus far, I've only run across one show that sold out while I was waiting in line (and thus I was grateful I made a reservation) - that show, quite deservedly, was Knock! (click over here to see what I thought of it, go to their Fringe page and put them on your schedule, or go to their website to learn more)


Just so you know, the general policy this year is that UptownTix will only sell 70 percent of a show's house prior to the night of the performance. The remaing 30 percent is held open for those who want to walk up and buy a ticket at the box office before the show, but not make (and be charged for) a reservation. So you don't *have* to reserve your tickets to get into a show. But if a show is popular (and many are), it would be a good idea to get there a half hour or more ahead of time. Things like the Ministry and Kevin Kling and Knock! will have long lines and will sell out. So be at the front of that line. (But for heaven's sake, be kind to your fellow Fringe-goers. This should be fun, not a battle.)

Those of us, like me, who jet around from one slot directly to another across town, we have to make reservations to be sure all that running around will result in us actually being able to see a show.

So you pays yer money (or not), you takes yer chances.


It's performing monkey time for the Fringe-binge class over at the Rarig Center at the U of MN. They came to see my show, Dandelion Snow, God love 'em, so it's time for me to sing for my supper and chat about all the things I shouldn't write in my blog until the shows are closed and the (no doubt) generous profits check is cashed (he says, half-kidding). Also joining myself and instructor Roy Close will be Anne Bertram, one of the playwrights of

Women! Live On Stage!
Theatre Unbound
Minneapolis Theatre Garage
(4 stars, recommended viewing)

(Click on the following for my thoughts on this show, or its Fringe page - so you can add it to your schedule, or visit their website for more info.)

John and Jen: Part Two
Nautilus Music-Theatre
Hennepin (Hey City) Stages, upstairs

(click on the following for my write-up of them, talking about Musicals Worth Seeing or just go to their Fringe page and add them to your schedule)

Alternative plans...

Though I'm planning to see the above musical for sure, tonight I may need to just head to Fringe Central after the class at the Rarig with my playwright-in-arms Ms. Bertram, buy a few drinks and chat a lot. We need to decompress, have many stories to share, and are long overdue for some quality time.

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