Monday, April 21, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2004 - Life of a Blogger (and Mom)...

The 2004 Minnesota Fringe Festival was a weird one for me because in addition to the usual blogging work, I also had a play of mine being produced (Dandelion Snow), and was helping to produce a two-slot showcase of short plays called Fast Fringe. Juggling all that made for an interesting Fringe experience...

Minnesota Fringe Festival - A Love Story

Early Buzz - Honorable Mentions - since I wrote Dandelion Snow, and was producing Fast Fringe 1 and 2, I didn't feel right putting them in my Top 10 list for the whole festival, but of course I needed to mention them...

Dandelion Snow - The Readthrough

Dandelion Snow - The Interview

The Next Generation

Brush Up Your Shakespeare

Sax and Violins Revisited

Live Nude Fringe Revisited

Dandelion Snow - the first week of rehearsals

The Fringe's Bitch

I Feel A Song Coming On

Dandelion Snow in Lavender Magazine

Random Suggestions

The Amazing Fringe Race

A Crash Course In Fringing

Fast Fringe in the Wall Street Journal

Save These Shows From Their Titles

To All The Shows I've Loved Before

Fringe Time Management and Other Stories

Stuck In Traffic

Out of Order

4-1/2 Reasons I'm Seeing The 7 Project

Dandelion Snow - The Review

Piece of Sh*t

Number Crunching

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