Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2005 - My Pre-Fringe Top 10

If You Held A Gun To My Head...

...or if I could only see 10 Fringe shows, what would they be and why?

Here's the full rundown on all this year's intriguing acts I'm most excited about...

#10 - Dead Wait - Emigrant Theater

#9 - Magic Exists - Derek Hughes, aka Insomnia Inc.

#8 - My Version of Normal - Fringe Spoken Word Productions

#7 - 10-Speed Revolution - Walking Shadow Theater Company

#6 - (part deux) Adventures In Mating - Joseph Scrimshaw

#6 - The Scrimshaw Show - The Scrimshaw Brothers

#5 - Why We Have A Body - Tenth Muse Productions

#4 - Desolation In America - Players of Notorious Temerity

#3 - Three Ring Circus: Israel, The Palestinians and My Jewish Identity - Moving Target Theatre Company

#2 - Chicks In Space - Theatre Unbound

#1 - Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban - Live Action Set

plus a little extra early write-up on Boban here - Bring Your Own Venue - Live Action Set hits The Soap Factory

Plus some rundowns on returning artists who were on pre-Fringe Top 10 lists of the past

pre-Fringe Top 10 2004 Returnees - Rhino Productions, Ballet of the Dolls, Kevin Kling & Rik Reppe...

and an extra note about Rik Reppe's new solo work Glorious Noise

pre-Fringe Top 10 2004 Returnees - Ammala Dance and Music, Aspect I Studios, Theater Latte Da, Tim Uren, Jen Scott & Claire Simonson...

And some afterthoughts about how those shows I was intrigued in beforehand turned out, and some surprises that slipped in under my radar as very pleasant surprises and new favorites...

Post-Mortem on pre-Fringe Top 10

Post-Morten on pre-Fringe Top 11-20

Many Happy Returns - 2004 Edition - Boob Tube, Michigan Disasters, Jaws! The Musical

If I'd Only Known - Part 1 - three very different (and differently received) shows that should have been in my pre-Fringe Top 10 - I'm Sorry and I'm Sorry, Bourbon and Butter, Camelot Is Crumbling

If I'd Only Known - Part 2 - Five shows that should have been in my pre-Fringe Top 20 - Speechless, Sea Peach, Never Surrender's Greatest Adventures, I Voted For Gummi Bears, No Name Jugglers Live

Gifts From My Friends - Here are three shows by friends of mine that turned out to be pleasant surprises I should have been excited about all along - At Least One Show, The Candy Ass Club, Cliff Notes For Dummies

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