Monday, April 21, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2004 - My pre-Fringe Top 10

If You Held A Gun To My Head...

...or, if I could only see ten Fringe shows, what would they be and why?

A complete rundown on all ten, which are...

1. Chamleon Theatre Circle - Death Penalty Puppetry

2. Claire Simonson - The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

3. The Mayasphere Project - Metamorphoses

4. Brown Bee Productions - Philosophy: The Music of Ben Folds

5. Aspect I Studios - The Judas Cradle

6. Theatre Latte Da - Knock!

7. Ammala Dance & Music - On The Beaded Fringe 2: Traveling In Hip Circles

8. Five Man Job - Improv A Go-Go: Deathmatch

9. Tim Uren - 10,000 Comic Books

10. The Artsy Guy - Patrick and James: A Love Story

Plus a list of the shows that would be next in line, including...

1. Ari Hoptman - Delware and Other Lies

2. Ferrari McSpeedy - Punk Rock Awesome

3. Outward Spiral Theatre - The Valets

4. Tom Cassidy - Osama Kincaid, Painter of Terror

5. Skewed Visions - Pipes

6. Maximum Verbosity - Lokasena

7. Gaydar Productions - EAT! A Generous Buffet of the Karen Carpenter Songbook

8. Teatro del Pueblo - Tequila

9. Infinity Star Productions - VISION'S TALE: Curse of the Machine / Cycles of Social Haunting / Birth of Vision

10. Big Empty Barn Productions - Whiskey Bars

11. Heidi Arneson - The Queen of Block E

12. The Scrimshaw Brothers - Look Ma, No Pants, The Last One

13. Joseph Scrimshaw - Jack and Ben's 10th Annual Bar Crawl and Moveable Feast

14. Anne Dimmock - The Swimmer

15. Illusion Theatre/Brent Doyle - Six Steps Part Deux

16. Unitard - KBYE Now News Hour

17. Two Time Theatre Company - A Superhero Story

Plus some Hidden Gems, shows that might not be on your radar but should be, including...

1. Topsy-Turvy Theatre - Mary Kelley Sunshine Box

2. Terra Icognita - Dix

3. Inept Productions - This Love Train Is Unstoppable and I Am the Conductor

4. Illusion Theatre - Funeral Director's Wife

5. Alan Berks - Goats

6. Walking Shadow - Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen

7. Lost In The Cove Productions - Sonata Blue

8. Rough Magic Performance Company - Spoonface Steinberg

And a Guilty Pleasure I probably shouldn't be attracted to, but can't help myself...

U Betcha! eX-posed! - Hamel Road Theatre Project

Also, there were some welcome returnees from the 2003 pre-Fringe Top 10 list, including Mom, and the early buzz on these sure things...

Plants and Animals - Scot Augustson of Seattle, WA

In Defense of Sin (My Friends' Best Stories) - Ministry of Cultural Warfare

Whoppers - Kevin Kling

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