Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2005 - Fringe TV

The 2005 Minnesota Fringe Festival edition of the TV show I host, "Cue To Cue - A Conversation About Theater in the Twin Cities"

A Between Fringes set of episodes

The Great TV Shuffle

TV Update - a preliminary guest line-up

Another TV Update - Hope I didn't jinx anybody. Including myself...

My Fringe TV Guests - Taping Day 1 - The Scrimshaw Brothers, Allegra Lingo, The Early Stage, Aniccha Arts, Emigrant Theater...

Fringe TV Broadcast Alert

What Is This Fringe TV You Speak Of?

My TV Guests - Taping Day Two - Leah Cooper, Rik Reppe, David Mann & The Rogues, MedusaHead Productions, Teatro del Pueblo, Players of Notorious Temerity, Ballet of the Dolls, and more...

CUE TO CUE - a TV show covering theatre in the Twin Cities - Info on our latest Fringe guests, the coming week's broadcast schedule on SPNN Channel 19, and future schedule on TPT-17...

Fringe TV Guests, Past and Nearly Present - Kung Fu Hamlet, Man Saved By Condiments, Shanghai Extravaganza, The Talk - An Intercourse on Coming of Age, Skits-Ophrenia

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