Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fringe Archive - 2005 - 3-1/2 Stars - Good Job Plus

Productions at the 2005 Minnesota Fringe Festival I rated...

3-1/2 Stars - Good Job Plus

The Adventures of Can Man - The Shoe String Puppet Theater

Blue Collar Kingpins - the Blue Collar Kingpins

Company We Keep - Asses, Elephants & Artists

Darleen Dances - La Vie Theater Company

Going To 2nd Base with God: A Stormy Romance - Holly Davis Productions

My Version of Normal - Spoken Word Fringe Productions

Tantrums Testicles and Trojans - Empty S Productions

Thirst - Thirst Theater

and a quick rundown of 3-1/2 Star Shows of The Past, aka a post called The Star Chamber

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