Friday, July 25, 2014

Another Fringe Preview Helping of Absurdity - Night 2

“I see some of you writing already.  That’s terrifying.”

Fiddlestick Conundrum - Ben San Del’s another Fringe regular that probably doesn’t need any help from me.  He’s been writing and/or performing in Fringe hits for years now.  Mom and I saw his very first Fringe outing - Mittens For Fat Kids - and we’ve tried not to miss one since.  Doesn’t always work out on Mom’s compressed Fringe schedule but we do our best.  In fact, Ben’s the reason for our first 2014 foray into the downtown collection of Fringe venues on opening weekend.  We’ll put in a show or two as a buffer beforehand, to make sure we’re in the neighborhood and not going to get locked out by the “no late seating” policy (‘cause they don’t joke around about that at Fringe time).  This year, rather than a scripted comedy acted by others (like Fringe Encore winners Minnesota Middle Finger or A Nice Guy’s Guide To Awkward Sex), he’s penned some new stand-up material (ala Mittens, or Agony of Fools, or Animal Cracker Genocide).  Ben’s actually got more than enough material to fill his slot.  He’s in the enviable position of having to trim down for time at the moment.  So he could afford to burn through some additional material he’s only using for previews and his video trailer.  The content of Fiddlestick remains a mystery.  Life’s absurd sometimes, and if you need help remembering how to laugh at it, Ben’s your man.

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