Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fringe Top 10 - #7 - Uptown Bank Heist - Siege Perilous Films

The brains behind Siege Perilous Films were the folks who did the animation for the Flowershop Project’s production of my dark comedy Medea and Jason: Rubicon Waltz a couple of years back.  They were also incredibly supportive of my efforts self-producing How To Date A Werewolf in last year’s Fringe.  They had an amusing Fringe preview which did the “wrong scene” focusing on a couple of bank customers, one of whom was dumping the other and using the surprise meeting with a banker to separate their assets as the excuse to finally tell them, much to the delight of the bank teller who secretly pines for the soon to be single boyfriend.  Oops, they forgot to do the heist part of the play for a more exciting preview.  The bank robber actors were very put out by this.  A goofy meta preview, with the added bonus of Renee Werbowski in the cast - who has done numerous plays of mine over the years and recently kicked serious butt in 20% Theatre’s Rapture Blister Burn.  All kinds of reasons for me to love and look forward to this one.  Mom and I are seeing it Sunday.

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