Friday, July 25, 2014

Fringe Previews - Night 1

A friend who sat with me at the second set of Fringe Previews who had missed the first asked, “What shows looked good last week?”  And in having to narrow it down on the fly for him, skimming my notes, it became clear which shows had made a (good) lasting first impression.  So I figured that’d be a good way to finally get this Fringe blog jump started for the summer.

First of all, I’ve been missing out on Fringe Executive Director Jeff Larson’s sense of humor until now.  He was a most amusing host both nights.  Very proud of the mobile nature of the new Fringe website he encouraged us all to keep our phones ON during the previews, so we could just tag shows we liked online, rather than “take notes on paper like a savage.”  While he clearly didn’t want to be in danger of talking too much, a lot of his throwaway lines right after previews were quite delightful.  I’ll liberally quote him whenever possible.  On to the evals (culled from my prehistoric note taking)…

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