Friday, July 25, 2014

Close Second for Funniest Fringe Preview - Night 1

“Weasels, a poem by Joshua Scrimshaw, age 15”

Amateur Hour - Producer Joshua Scrimshaw has gathered together another group of comedy Fringe veterans (many of whom, including Joshua himself, you will see pop up in other Fringe outings).  These artists have developed enough of a thick skin over the years to be able to not only laugh at themselves, but are confident enough to let everyone else laugh at them, too.  They’ve gathered together a sampling of their first attempts at performance when they were much younger - and doing things like writing poetry (unironically) and are now presenting them through the clear-eyed and unforgiving eye of their adult selves.  Mocking their younger selves is bound to yield comedy gold.

The publicity is an assortment of pictures of the artists when they were teenagers, which Jeff Larson proclaimed “the most horrifying show image this year.”  Larson is also a really good sport, not letting it phase him (too much) when Scrimshaw gave him a playful pat on the ass.  Boundaries, people, boundaries.

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